Announcing AI Nexus X Inspire Stem

A new announcement for an exciting partnership!


AI Nexus | Inspire Stem

3/10/20241 min read

March 10th marks the date Inspire STEM and AI Nexus have officially joined forces to introduce students to various technological aspects throughout the United States and Saudi Arabia.

Now, it’s time to meet the organizations individually…

AI Nexus “The Hub of the Future”: AI Nexus empowers students with the skills and knowledge they need about technology and helps them grow in the field. Students write papers about the new advancements in technology, participate in technology-related competitions, and learn how to build their projects.

Inspire STEM “Innovate, Educate, Elevate”: Inspire STEM aims to reduce disparity and increase participation in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematical fields- driven by our three core pillars of Access, Support, and Inclusivity. We guide and uplift future and current STEM leaders through workshops, community programs, and strategic partnerships.

We will be combining our expertise as we deliver…

  • Online webinars to introduce Artificial Intelligence concepts and help boost knowledge regarding the field.

  • In-person workshops to create an interactive environment for students to grow technological proficiency

  • Articles are released monthly to educate and increase awareness about different aspects of Artificial Intelligence and Technology as a whole.

We are looking forward to the potential of this partnership and hope we can boost everyone's knowledge about AI and Technology.