In one word: Why?

As a collective of motivated students from Al-Rowad International School who plan to (directly or indirectly) provide for society's need for next-level AI-based tech, we established a community in April of 2023 to promote our shared vision of empowering fellow students with an authentic, non-clichéd passion for tech.

AI Nexus, briefly, is designed and adapted to enrich students' understanding of AI through meticulous research articles, comprehensive courses, and active involvement in various competitions. It aims to spread awareness about artificial intelligence as the space grows exponentially and collaborate with other organizations that share the same aim.

As our slogan and name suggest, AI Nexus aspires to serve as the premier "hub of the future," fostering profound connections between students in and out of Al-Rowad and striving to help on their journey of making incredible contributions to tech. AI Nexus achieves its goals by nurturing its community by providing high-quality content about different aspects of AI and its intersections with other fields; the content includes videos, posts, research-level articles, projects, and much more.

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